Pony Tails Flying: Recap Snowbird Big Mountain Camp 2012

April 18 2012 BY Keely







This past weekend was the first Big Mountain Camp for Girls. Snowbird dumped April powder!

What a treat it was to see the girls shredding the fresh snow with smiles and ponytails flying! This weekend there were a lot of returnees from last summer. Many of the girls I coach throughout the winter at Rowmark attended. However, we also had new faces come from Washington, Colorado and Montana.

Thank you Parents and Athletes for an incredible weekend. Special thanks to the Orfanakis, Glasgow and Rasich families for the deliciously awesome BBQ on Sunday.  And to Katie, Brenna and Siri, for bringing amazingly positive energy and enthusiasm as coaches. Thanks Alex Taran for the great Avalanche Saftey Talk. And to the sponsors who provided the Goodie Bags: Tecnnica, Blizzard, Patagonia, Shred Optics and Buff.


A recap of the weekend would not be done right without mentioning each girl’s standout moment(s). Here we go in no particular order:


Ruby Marden: Most fearless skiing with the finest crashes. You went for it and sometimes wrecked. The coaches were blown away by your ‘go for it attitude.’

Gillian Larsen: I coach you all winter long and during the Mini Comp I didn’t recognize that it was you careening down the mountain. Your speed and confidence really showed. Way to rip!

Ella Kim: Watching you teach a ‘spiral’ during the avalanche training talk to your group. You know your stuff girly!

Zoe Livran: Finding “Sheldon!” Zoe you always bring the best attitude to camp. You are a mood accelerator and you rip!

Mary Royce: During our mini comp, your high speed straight line half way up the face.

Megan Rasich: Your AMAZING recovery in the terrain park after you flew off that jump! Also your cliff drop the last run of camp.

Emma Oneal: The first day you seemed a little intimidated, but a spark was lit the second day as you were first down in your group the entire day. Way to go girl!

Keely Kempt: By far you win the award for ‘Best Use of the Whole Mountain’ during the mini comp. You skied the entire venue and put your ‘Keely’ fun and style into it.

Katie Hensien: Watching you take a gutsy, creative and fast line in the mini comp. Then seeing you straight line out of the shoot into a cliff. You made it look so easy.

Sarah McGuire: Seeing your confidence build each day. By the end of the last run of camp you were trusting yourself to ski fast, falline turns!

Sophie Turok: By far the most consistent and controlled falline turns in the Mini Comp. You never looked out of control. Nice work!

Sommer Glasgow: Watching you ski down the ‘venue’ pulling off the sweetest high speed GS turns that Snowbird has ever seen by a 13-year-old girl.

Allie Perrin: Watching you hit a cliff you were scared of and then skiing out of it with ripping slalom turns! Boom Carve Allie!!

Charlotte Orford: Your positive attitude and incredible improvement. You were one of the youngest in the camp and you stepped up to the challenge and ripped up Snowbird!

Mackenzie Ward: Remember our run on that ridge the first day? I had never seen you ski and then you got on that ridge and tore it up! You skied it with amazing speed and style! Awesome job!

Annika Linchenbach: Remember when we went to the ‘Bobsled?’ You came out of the trees with the biggest smile on your face. Your energy, ripping powder turns and attitude were incredible.

Sofia Yubero: You win the award for best slalom turns in trees and technical lines. Way to shred Sofia!

Maddie Kwan: Every jump you hit you flew farther than anyone. It was really fun see how much you love getting air. You might be a downhiller in the making…

Emilie Orfanakis: As your coach during the winter, I saw you take it to a new level during this camp. It was amazing watching you tuck out of your line on the face and hold it to the end of your run. Courageous skiing Emilie, keep it up!

Ellie Martin: Most fluid and beautiful skiing award. And your cliff during the Mini Comp was so sick!

Lizzy Baer: Boot top Baer! During the Mini Comp you had such an insane run going. You bobbled a little in the middle, but the speed and confidence you took into it was so impressive. As usual you had the coaches on the edge of our seats. You are fun to watch ski Lizzy.





Mackenzie from Colorado

Keely from Montana