Round 2: Muscles are Pretty Camp

June 25 2012 BY Keely

During June 2 Muscles are Pretty Camps were completed. The girls fought through the many challenges during the camps, both mentally and physically to become stronger athletes and closer teammates. Our mission was to build the girls’ self confidence through fitness, team building exercises, and friendships within the Northern ski racing (Montana) Division.




To the Girls:



Check out the list of everything you just accomplished:  climbed a mountain in the hardest possible way, completed multiple relays and obstacle courses, solved riddles through testing each other mentally and  physically while also maintaining your team composure, completed a mini triathlon, balanced on one foot…a lot, and attempted sports you have never tried before. Keep trying new sports. You will become a better athlete each time you do!



Remember girls it is ever important to TRY your very best. TRY with everything you’ve got, sometimes you may not get it, but people who try their best never fail.

Sophie and I appreciated your effort and enthusiastic attitudes. Follow the ‘Summer Pursuits’ you set for yourself at camp and let us know how it goes! You did it!



Here are some favorite moments captured of the Montana girls giving it their all!