Day 2: Chasing Gates & High Kicking

July 19 2012 BY Keely

My face is starting to hurt from all the laughing and smiling. This group of girls defines the word AWESOME! These girls are mood accelerators. They are on time, motivated and a blast to be around. Is this really my job? I feel like a kid 24/7. I jump out of bed at 4:45 to help my mom with breakfast. I look forward to the women I work with and the girls I work for. It’s an incredible feeling.


Today we trained GS. We started with a rhythm section of hero gate (stubbies) and integrated in the ‘blue line’ or ‘transition window’ drill. Essentially this drill is a really nice visual cue for the girls of where to start moving to a flat ski and transitioning to the new ski. Following that we had two sections of short GS courses emphasizing a ‘focus point’ brush. The focus point drill aids the girls in finding the correct line by looking to a direction to aim. I believe in these two drills, you can see the girls grasping the idea of early pressure, correct line and patient transitions.


After lunch we had our video sessions. Coach Hailey Duke busted out some sweet video of a GS race in Vail. The video was of Megan Mcjames and Resi Stiegler absolutely slaying turns. If you don’t know some of these names you should YouTube them and watch their skiing. These girls rip as does Hailey. Listening to Hailey coach is so educational. She is still racing World Cup and her progressive and new ideas bring the camp to a new level. I’ve been retired for two years as have the other coaches. It is so important for us to keep current with changes in technique and Hailey adds that nicely.


Since I’m on a Hailey ‘kick’ right now, I have to tell you about the sweet dry land she coordinated today. Hailey is a master of Taekwondo and today she showed her skills both in her moves and teaching the girls. I added this dry land to my memory bank of favorite dry lands ever. We had so much fun learning the different kicks and moves from Hailey. We also found out about all the little martial artists in the camp. A few of them have black belts and were showing off their crazy flexibility and high kicks. We even learned the moves to spar each other! Enjoy the inspiring images from Marcus Caston and stay tuned…~Keely~