Day 3: We Are Ski Racers, But Skiers First

July 20 2012 BY Keely

All these girls started out as skiers. They got into ski racing because they had a drive and desire to go FAST! But once upon a time they didn’t spend their days in gates. They spent their days just skiing, and skiing the ENTIRE MOUNTAIN!


Remember those first chair, last chair days as a kid?  We didn’t worry if our hands were up, or if we were over our outside ski. We did NOT CARE! WE JUST SKIED BECAUSE IT WAS FUN!


We all were skiers first and that means we learned to love the sport of skiing first. I am head over heels in love with ski racing, but through my experience and observation there is a ton of over training done. Which can ultimatley lead to burning out and/or hating the sport. This upsets me.


Every level of racer should be reminded frequently of how much fun skiing is! So after our incredible GS training (the girls had a very productive day of GS) we started a new camp tradition: Boot pack/climb to Illumination Rock on Mt. Hood. They were literally conquering a mountain. I know, awesome right?


The goal: give the girls new perspective on the AMAZING MOUNTAIN they get to train on everyday. Goal accomplished. The girls were blown away by what they saw up on Hood. And then they got to rip down this insanely epic face of corn snow right under Illumination Rock. Each girl that skied up to me was like, “That was so sick!”


I am completley wiped out right now from the amazingly epic day we just had, so I’m going to let the pictures below do the talking. But I will say today was a really good reminder for all these awesome ski racers, that they were all skiers first and that painting the mountain with their own turns, outside of gates, is valuable training too. Stay tuned…~Keely~