Day 5: Disco, Kickball & Skit Night

July 23 2012 BY Keely

Once again we had really firm conditions on Palmer. We saw a lot of improvement from the girls today in our numerous disco courses a.k.a. slalom. The girls got a lot of repetition in the drill courses. For dryland we played 3 different sports. Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and Kickball. Kickball is always a fun one. Ellie Martin wowed us by catching 3 pop flies in a row. Then Sofia Yubero attempted to send it over the fences, but missed and wiped out. We were all cracking up and she was a great sport about it.

Tonight was the last night of camp. This group of girls has been so much fun. It’s tradition at camp for every training group to prepare a skit for everyone. We saw some hilarious skits and the youngest training group even came up with a rap. Enjoy the pictures. We have one more day on snow and then session 1 is over. Another great camp! Stay tuned…~Keely~