Day 1: Free Skiing & Mirror Lake

July 27 2012 BY Keely


Today was the first day on snow for session 2. The first day is the most important day to work on skiing fundamentals. A handful of these girls have been skiing this summer already, but there are many who haven’t skied since this winter. Taking a step back to work on the basics of ski technique is the best way to accomplish improvement throughout the week. Drill day is a good day.


We free skied and worked hard with the girls on getting their balance back. There was a lot of leaning in and old habits coming out in the morning. By the last few runs of skiing though, you could see the skiing start to change. They were transitioning into the right body position at the top of the turn, and starting to ski with more confidence & discipline.


Our dry land today was a run/hike to Mirror Lake. It’s a classic ski camp hike at Hood. The girls all cooled off in the lake and had a lot of fun. Stay tuned…~Keely~