Day 2: Charging, Duke Taekwondo & Olympic Party!

CHARGE IT! The girls heard this a lot today. Just as we did in last session, we focused on our starts this morning before we had the girls get in the training courses. The coaches have come to find out that young girls in ski racing NEED BETTER STARTS! So this morning Jess Kelley and Anna Goodman demonstrated the proper way to CHARGE OUT OF THE START GATE! Along with Coach Kelley & Goodman’s demonstration was a powerful skate to the first gate. We explained to the girls how the race can be won or lost by as little as a hundred of a second. Leave the start with everything you’ve got!


Our start training this morning proved to work. Every girl got into the  start gate today with a purpose. Even the shyest and most passive of skiers were CHARGING out of the gate. It may be that many of these girls have never actually been taught the technique and importance of a fast, aggressive start. A good start gets you in the mindset to charge it, send it, slay it, rip it, arc it, boom carve it, shred it…you get the picture. I don’t think there is anything better then watching an 11 year old, like camper Sammi Woodring explode out of the start.

Onto the afternoon we had an Olympic themed dry land, Taekwondo. Hailey Duke made a guest appearance (Hailey Duke coached last session and has a quadruple black belt in taekwondo) to teach the girls a little high kicking. Hailey is not only an incredible human being, but also an amazing teacher. Whether she is coaching skiing or taekwondo Hailey has a fun and productive outlook that gets the girls motivated. Duke Taekwondo got the girls roundhouse kicking and pushing their comfort zones. Thank you again Coach Duke!


Finally, we had our Olympic Party! We made Olympic sized bowls of popcorn and the girls crowded around to watch the inspiration of the Olympic ceremonies unfold. A lot of them didn’t realize that Hailey Duke and Anna Goodman, 2 of their coaches were Olympians in Vancouver. =) They were pretty stoked to hear that.



Stay tuned…~Keely~

3 responses to “Day 2: Charging, Duke Taekwondo & Olympic Party!”

  1. kevin kelleher says:

    Great job Keely…I’m glad you worked the girls on starts and how important a good start really is…especially on flat courses right out of the start house….good going! Kayaked with Dr. Karol again today…38th river day for the old man…going again in the AM….tel your girls to “Obtain and Maintain an attitude of gratitude!” I hope Brenna is enjoying herself

  2. leigh ann Grubbs says:

    Way to go girls…..I know for Caroline the day was awesome! Here in Michigan we have nothing but flat courses and starts are really, really, really important. I can’t wait to see hers. But, the real thrill had to have been the olympic party with “Real Olympians.” Caroline’s been waiting for the Olympics all summer and it has to be a tremendous inspiration for everyone! Have another great day!

  3. Angie Sundberg says:

    Hi Keely

    Wow I wish I were there!! What an awesome couple of days you have all had. Love that you have incorporated the Olympic theme into the week. The girls all look to be having a great time. Loved that you worked on starts and the importance of them. Looking forward to your next post. Hope Logan is having a great time!

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