Day 3: Last Day of GS & Trilium

July 29 2012 BY Keely

The snow just keeps getting better and better. Today the girls had a ton of repetition. We had a brush drill course as a warm up and a a ten gate GS course with a transition brush. The courses yesterday were set very easy to get the girls balance back.


Today we had more offset to get them turning and understanding the importance of a good line. The Palmer snowfield was empty. The girls had a lot of runs in a short amount of time and you could tell it helped them. The quick laps helped them remember what their focus was for each run. We like to stress to the girls to go out of the gate with a focus and purpose for each run.

The infamous Morton Salt

A Kind Snack Sponsor Moment With Harriet

Eating our snacks on top of the mountain

More Olympic themed dry land, synchronized swimming


This afternoon we took the girls for a 2 mile run around Trillium Lake, another classic Mt. Hood dry land spot. Then we hopped in the water to cool off. Tomorrow we have a day off and are going stand up paddle boarding in Hood River. The girls are all pretty tired, so the day off will definitely help them recover for slalom on the 30th. Stay tuned…~Keely~