Experience is the best teacher.

August 7 2012 BY Keely

I found this anonymous quote today and thought it rung true of how I feel right now:



“In seeking happiness for others, you find it for yourself.”



The last two weeks have been an incredible time in my life. Each new camp we complete I am reminded of how  happy I feel to be doing what I’m doing. I’ve said this before but just want to reiterate, I love the women I work with and the girls I work for. Watching each one of these girls improve and grow from the camp has been beyond rewarding.


You can see them growing and improving daily.  They are sponges soaking in the world around them. My hope is that this camp provides them with new insights to how they should view themselves. I don’t want to make them sit inside and write down their feelings and goals during camp. I want the girls to make a habit of putting themselves out into the world with strength and confidence. And we as coaches are there to guide them along the way, through the on hill training, afternoon dry lands and supportive environment. Experience is the best teacher.


They need to engage in activities that represent these qualities, that make them realize how incredible they really are. For example, we took the girls on a hike to Illumination Rock after training one day. This afternoon activity was a challenge. There were girls who didn’t think they could make it to the top. But when they did, and they ‘earned their turns’ they were given a completely new perspective on their sport and the mountain they ski on every day. I could see it in their faces. Most of them had never done something like that before. They engaged in an empowering experience and thus felt stronger than before.


I am excited for the future of this camp and want to thank everyone who has helped along the way. Together we are teaching the young women of tomorrow to shred with strength and grace.


One more thing, here is the link to the Portland Fox 12 News story shot during session 2: http://www.kptv.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7583095




Stay tuned…~Keely~