Happy Thanksgiving from Keely’s Camp

As we enter our third year of ski camps for girls here are a few things we are grateful for…



1. The incredible & inspiring young women we get to coach.


2. Our talented, strong, beautiful coaches: Katie Hitchcock, Jess Kelley, Hailey Duke, Brenna Kelleher, Libby Ludlow, Chelsea Robinson, Anna Goodman, Tara Hines, Siri Wierenga,  Sophie Ostroski, & Ali Gunesch.


3. Our AMAZING camp cooks! Mom & Jackie Alford your delicious meals make the camp that much better. We love you!


4. Loving & supportive parents. Without you nothing is possible!


5. The ski community and the people who help make Keely’s Camp possible: Tecnica Blizzard, Shred Optics, Ski Prophet, Ski Racing Development, Kinds Snacks, Buff USA, Widsix, & Marcus Caston Photography.





Happy Thanksgiving! And eat up we’re in a gravity sport!



2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from Keely’s Camp”

  1. Annabel Sheinberg says:

    As a parent of an enthusiastic and passionate two year Keely’s Camp camper I am very grateful to you Keely for your vision, dedication and leadership. Thank you and your entire team for creating this wonderful experience for all of our girls. You are a game changer. Play on!

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