Sneak Peek into Warren Miller Day 1

February 5 2013 BY Keely

Last year I had the honor to film with Warren Miller for the first time in Utah. One thing I wish I had done better is document the experience. Filming is unlike anything I’ve done before and I want to share a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put together what you see on the the big screen. So here you are.




Day 1


Boots & Skis: Tecnica/Blizzard


Goggles & Helmet:

Back Protection:

Avalanche Safety Equipment:



Coming home to film with Warren Miller is like slipping into a pair of new socks (not sure if others like this sensation, I personally love it!). It just feels good. Today the mountain had some interesting weather going so we didn’t do any filming. Chris Patterson the director knows what he wants and if the light and weather aren’t cooperating then we don’t shoot. Chris has been directing Warren Miller films for twenty years; he knows when the time is right to roll cameras.


To take the place of shooting we scoped out the snow and terrain on Lone Peak. It’s typical wind blown cream on the summit. The snow I grew up skiing and love. However, at one point during the day I thought I was going to puke on my feet due to the fog. Vertigo isn’t fun.



I am very excited about this week of shooting. Mostly because of the badass ladies I get to hang around. Elyse Saugstad and Crystal Wright are both insane athletes and skiers. I grew up racing with Crystal, so I know her from my days in spandex. Today was the first time I met Elyse.We had a fun day shredding Big Sky.



Here are some images and video from today.






Elyse taking a shot of the Lone Peak Tram



Hitting a cliff from my kid days in Big Sky.  ‘Buffalo Jump’ seemed a lot bigger when I was 10.