‘Molding the next generation of badass girls’

May 6 2013 BY Keely

12 year old Emma Morgan showing off her ‘badass’ skills during the Rasta Chutes mini competition

I take zero credit for the title of this blog. A new story came out about the camp in the Big Sky Weekly. The writer Emily Stifler titled her story  (http://www.explorebigsky.com/newspost/keelys-camps ), “Keely’s Camp: Molding the next generation of badass girls.” Thinking deeply on whether to be worried about the use of swear words in the title shortly left my mind. Especially when reflecting back on the type of skiing we as coaches witnessed at the 2013 Snowbird Big Mountain Camp (April 13 & 14). In fact I’m honored by Emily’s use of badass when referring to the camp. It’s the single word that comes to mind when skiing with these girls.


What isn’t ‘badass’ about watching a 12-year send a cliff most girls or boys her age would shy away from? More impressively, she did it with control and no hesitation.


These are skills we as coaches strongly emphasize when teaching the girls about skiing big mountain terrain. Though we were psyched that girls were hitting cliffs, we applauded the girls more for controlled, falline skiing. I’d much rather see a skier come down painting his/her line with fluid turns than see traversing from cliff to cliff. The girls improved everyday and really made their coaches proud during the camp’s grand finale Mini Competition.

The Big Mountain Camp has to be one of the most rewarding camps. There is something amazing about watching 20 girls ski Snowbird that hard. I cannot wait for next year and I want to thank all of the parents, girls, coaches and sponsors for another inspiring camp.




Special thanks to: 

Marcus Caston Photography for capturing moments of badassness during the camp.


The parent sponsored tailgate lunch brought to you by super dads  Marc Rasich and Mike Orfanakis (I’m getting you guys matching aprons next year).


Allison Conover with Utah Mountain Adventures for the wonderful Avalanche/Snow Safety talk.


Camp Sponsors: Tecnica/Blizzard, Shred Optics, Slytech Protection, Descente, Pistil hats, and The Original Moon Boot by Tecnica.


Coaches: Siri Wierenga, Tara Hines & Brenna Kelleher.


Onno Wierenga at Alta. Thanks for letting the girls take a run.


And lastly Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort!