Summer camp begins!

July 7 2013 BY Keely






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This year we are doing the blogs differently. Each day a new athlete or coach is going to share their perspective and experience with you. Today it’s Lindsay Ahmann. Lindsay is our rookie coach. I met Lindsay on Hood when she was 13 and her positive energy and enthusiasm makes a lasting impression on anyone she meet. I had to have her come and learn to coach with us! She is our rookie coach so we do get to give her a hard time. All in good fun. It’s a huge learning experience for her and one that I hope helps her improve her perspective on ski racing and life. All pictures are taken from her perspective.



Now in the word of Miss Ahmann:


Today was my first day as a coach and it couldn’t have been more fun. I am 17 and ski for Mission Ridge Ski Team. I had the chance to work with one of my all time favorite coaches, Keely who SHREDS THE GNAR all the time and I am starting to get to know some of her best friends. We had a beautiful first day of training and doing drills. By the end of the day the girls were tired so we decided we would make the last run especially fun and run a human slalom with the coaches too!


Today I learned that in order for other people to understand the ways that you have learned your own technique, you need to generalize and think outside the box when explaining it to younger girls. It challenged me to convey how I have learned how to ski and put it into different words.


After a long day on the hill, we went to Tamanawanas Falls for dryland and about half of the girls ran the entire way up and down! It is so fun to be able to coach such a lively group of girls with such fun coaches and then ending the day with a delicious dinner from mama Kelleher! The girls are crazy fun and and I have ever seen so much estrogen in one house. It is tons of fun and awesome to see how even after one day, these girls are making such great friends! I cant wait for the rest of the week and future camps with these girls:)


Side Note: Being the new coach and all, it takes a while for me to get the hang of things and work with these girls, so the words of wisdom from the other coaches, with their best intentions in mind for me are: #DontBeAnIdiot