Anna’s Experience: Day 3 Session 1

July 9 2013 BY Keely

IMG_4093 IMG_4091

Warming up for Taekwondo with Coach Hailey —- Having a snack break on the mountain



IMG_4083 IMG_4073

Sarah Devenport practicing her start —- Warming up for a day of skiing with Coach Megan


IMG_4066 IMG_3765

#extremetucking over the creek —- Coach Hailey showing everyone up in Taekwando

Anna Whitney, 15 years old, takes us through another beautiful day of training GS on Mt. Hood. This is Anna’s second year at camp and watching her grow and improve from last year to this one has been a treat. Check out her take on the day three:


I’m Anna Whitney, and I’m 15 and from Boston, Massachusetts. This is my second year at Keely’s Ski Camp, and its been an amazing and inspiring experience. I’ve only been racing since seventh grade, but Keely’s Camp has definitely helped me make huge progress. Every day is a new journey, from learning helpful drills on snow to participating in the tons of fun activities that keep us on our toes. Keely’s Camp is just a great place to be.


This morning, our alarm clock rang at 4:30. Not 4:30 in the afternoon, but 4:30 in the MORNING. I would normally never wake up at this time, but my roommates Amy, Lizzie, Maddy and I all rolled out of bed, put on our sneakers, and with a few yawns, sprinted out into the street. We, and a bunch of other girls like Sarah, Laura, Brynne, Anna, Mary, and others in the camp, were going to meet Coach Hailey in front of the post office for an optional pre-skiing warmup. We didn’t want to miss it. No matter how tired we are  we don’t want to miss any of the activities the camp has to offer, especially with Hailey running it. We sprinted, lunged, and jumped our way through a silent Govy, until everyone was breathless, laughing, and wide awake.


After a morning of training on the mountain all the girls and I met together on the rocks for a water and snack break. We were all laughing about the US ski team video we had seen the night before, where they were going “ALL OUT!” in activities such as hydration, skiing, and sleeping. We skied for another few hours and rode the vans back to the academy, singing the songs playing on the radio all the way.


Dryland training today was definitely a unique experience. Coach Hailey, who has a black belt in Taekwando, tried to teach us the basic kicks and punches and stances that are used in the sport. Everyone had a great time. Some of the kicks require the person to yell which helps scare your opponent, and all the girls loved it. Kimmy, a camper from New York, was the most enthusiastic screamer, and Mary, another camper who just happens to be a black belt, showed off her skills.


After dryland, when everyone was hot from Taekwando, Abby, Lizzie, Sarah, and I all decided to jump into the creek behind the academy building. What we didn’t realize was that the innocent-looking “creek” was actually a stream of glacial runoff from the mountain, and it was FREEZING. The minute we dunked under the water everyone screamed and ran back into the house. Looking back on it, it was actually a lot of fun. Today was a great day spent with great new friends.