Allie’s take: Blog 4 Session 1

July 11 2013 BY Keely

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Coach Hailey Duke and Lindsay Ahmann enjoying a break in the sun.—-A few of the girls having lunch after a long, fun day on the hill.

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The girls coming up the hill on the hike to Mirror Lake.—-Some of the girls out swimming in the lake after the long walk up.

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Group shot…being goofy—-



That’s me on the left in the back!


Allie Spadaro is an original Keely’s Camper and incredible young lady. Allie was among the very first group of 22 girls in 2011. Each summer she comes back to camp more grown up, but still just as excited to ski. She has shown great perseverance through a tough season ending knee injury. It’s great to see her skiing again and building confidence. Check out Allie’s take:


I’m Allie Spadaro and have been attending Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls for three years. Mt. Hood is my home area and I love having the opportunity to ski all year round. I have been with Keely since the beginning of her camp and have had the greatest experiences here. I am lucky to have been able to be coached by many inspiring women, such as, Hailey Duke, Jessica Kelley, Megan Mcjames, Libby Ludlow, Chelsea Marshall, Katie Hitchcock, and of course Keely Kelleher. This past year in September I tore my ACL playing soccer and had reconstructive surgery in October. It has been a long and tough road coming back from a big injury. Coming to Keely’s camp this past week has shown me how much support and understanding the coaches and other girls have towards me.


Today was the first day of slalom at camp. The weather started off a bit colder and windy, but by the end of the day the snow softened and we were able to get in some really great training. Transitioning from GS to Slalom brought a lot of us back to the basics and fundamentals of skiing. These basics were moved into the courses and the coaches were able to see large improvements. After a long day of training, we came back to the academy house ready for lunch and a nap. For dry land today, we hiked to Mirror Lake where many of us jumped in and went for a swim.


This camp not only brings together a great group of girls for skiing, but brings them together to form life-long friendships. The coaches this week and all of the other years have inspired me not only to strive for my goals in ski racing, but to follow my dreams in all other aspects of my life.