The Hilarity of Zipper: Blog 1 Session 2

July 17 2013 BY Keely


IMG_2896 IMG_2902 IMG_2912

Keely striking a pose    —–   Me walking across a log    —- Us girls taking the “Adventurous way” notice the bridge in the back!

IMG_2922 IMG_2931 IMG_2968

Me taking a sip of water   —–   The waterfall we hiked to  —- taking a quick bath.


For the past three years we have had the joy of watching Zoe Livran grow. Every year she comes back taller and faster. Yet since the first day we all met Zipper three years ago, she has kept her same hilarity.  Reading the blog below you will get a little taste of her humor and how she all makes us laugh till our stomachs hurt. Zoe is a true mood accelerator. Have fun reading this one. Take it away Miss Zipper:


Hey everyone… it’s Zipper ( Zoe Livran)!


This is my third year coming to Keely’s Camp and let me just say I pretty much look forward to this camp all year.  I am fourteen years old and live in Vail Colorado!  My first year here is where I claimed my nickname (Zipper).  I got my nickname due too being four foot six and making speedy turns. Keely thought I looked like a Zipper.


At most camps people are shy on the first day, but not here.  There are all sorts of friendships growing and we are all treating each other as if we had known everyone for years.  We  share a love for skiing (more like shredding and making sick arcs), Nuetella, and food, but we also have our different hobbies such as uni-cycling, mountain uni-cycling, ping pong, soccer, lacrosse, mountain biking, kayaking and professional underwater basket weaving.


Maddy and Courtney (the Uni-Cyclers) are teaching me how to Uni-cycle. (Mom, Dad I’m wearing a helmet!).  Today almost all of the girls rose from their beds (at five, no big deal) to go on a morning run and do some dynamic warm ups with coach Hailey.  We ran as fast as a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but we were out there (we actually ran pretty fast I was trying to be funny here).


Skiing was amazing. At first we were all a little worried about the fog in Govy, but as we drove up and over the sea of clouds blanketing Government Camp we were welcomed by our friend the sun!  We all got better today even if it was just the first day of skiing.  We finished the morning with a human slalom.


Of course we walked into the house like zombies due to being a little tired from the past day of traveling… nothing a sandwich couldn’t fix.  We had our free time/ nap time/ tuning time and then we went  hiking.  We all had a blast going up to a new place and exploring!  We even went for a little dip in the creek! When we got home we were welcomed by the smell of  chicken… and it was good (sorry Mom, yours is second to mama Kelleher’s chicken, just kidding, but really…).


Today Keely’s camp was declared a “selfie” free zone on Instagram.  Speed suits are now for keeping our vital organs inside us when we crash (I told a snowboarder that’s why I’m wearing such tight spandex). 


It was an amazing day filled with laughs, jokes and fun.  Cant wait for the week ahead!


Sincerely, ZIPPER 🙂



IMGP5106 T- Falls

Rambo?…no just coach Chelsea surprising us in the woods————-the group of girls…awesome!