Skylar’s Experience: Blog 3 Session 2

July 19 2013 BY Keely

Skylar Cooley first came to camp when she was a pocket sized little girl laying down insane arcs. She’s still laying down awesome arcs and bringing her enthusiasm to camp. Take it away Miss Cooley:


IMG_8962 IMG_8975

Loading Baywatch ————————  Ready to rip slalom!

IMG_8959IMG_9014 IMG_9027

5:30 wake up uhhhhh ———————- Sick side kicks——————————————- Refreshing swim!

Hi, I’m Skylar. I’m 13,  from Seattle, Washington and ski for Crystal Mountain, CMAC. This camp is a blast. Everyday is a new adventure! For all the parents, incoming campers, or followers I’ll tell you how the day went.


I woke up tired, but willing to get up at 5:30! Forcing myself to roll out of bed, I put on my socks, got my gear together, and loaded my skis in Keely’s truck, Baywatch. Quickly I headed to the line for the scrumptious breakfast, wanting to fill my hungry stomach. Then I grabbed my bag, walked outside, and hurled my backpack to the back of the van.


We got out of the van and walked the long walk to the lift. Afterwards we waited in the long lift line for The Mile chair. Finally we arrive at the top of the course dropped our bags and took some free-runs. At 8:00 we went to the top to meet our coaches, but found ourselves early and did some pre-ski stretches with each other, it felt really good. When the two video runs were done we took 3 more runs and then had a quick snack break. The traning day was over at 11:30. I rushed to the van with every one else and we took off back to the academy house.


I ate lunch swiftly and then unpacked all my gear, dried off my skis, then headed to my room. I laid down for about 20 minutes, just to take quick little rest break, then perked right up and headed into town. My friends and I all went into the General Store, to buy drinks, energy bars, and other things. As we were there we lost track of time and realized we had 10 minutes until dryland! We all went into the checkout line and as fast as we could bought our goods and ran back to the house. It was a miracle we all got ready in time, and even early, for dryland.


We all arrived at Trillium Lake where Coach Hailey  was ready to teach us Taekwondo. We all had amazing time learning some sick fighting moves, although I bet I was the worst out of everyone; nevertheless, that didn’t dull the positive energy we all had. When that great workout was over the lake was our next stop. Without hesitating I leaped in with everyone else by my side. The lake was surprisingly warm but at the same time refreshing. Immediately, we saw a log floating in the lake, we all swam over. As we reached the log we were all tuckered out and the log was there to give us a little break. When we all felt rejuvenated we tried to climb on top of it and walk. This plan didn’t turn out as well but, nevertheless we had fun. After the fun swim we drove back to the house.


At the house it was a battle to get the first shower, girls were sprinting! As this was happening I just casually waited around an hour till the showers were open . Before I knew it, it was dinner. We all sat around the tables sharing laughs and good times as we ate our delicious meal. Then some of the girls and I went outside to the street right in front of the Academy and uni cycled, skateboarded, and biked around until the camp meeting. We learned all the information about our free day tomorrow. Afterwards we had a cute celebration for one of the campers, Logan, we sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes that coach Chelsea made. In all it was a great day at a great camp.




IMG_3949 IMG_3954
 Peyton (Logan’s sister) helping Coach Chelsea make cupcakes— Birthday girl Logan 13 years young! Happy Birthday!