Rippin’ it with Logan: Blog 5 Session 2

July 22 2013 BY Keely

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Addie, and Zoe butter dancing during skits ——- Anna S, Annika and Maci rocking the cup song.

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Katie, Elise, Taylor and Zoe having fun at break ————– Coaches making silly faces on the top of the hood.


Logan Sundberg first came to join camp last year. We love Logan! She’s coachable, friendly, and oh so much fun to be around. We also celebrated her 13th birthday on the 20th. Happy birthday Logan. Enjoy ‘rippin’ it with Logan for the last blog of Session 2:


Hi, my name is Logan Sundberg and I am 13 years old. I have been coming to Keely’s Camp for the last two years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I ski for Crystal Mountain Alpine Club in Washington, but have recently moved to Boston where I will be skiing for Waterville Valley in New Hampshire. Here is my take on our day with the amazing Keely Camp.



Early this morning I dragged my oh so tired butt out of bed, exhausted but ready to ski some sick GS. I got dressed, finished packing my bag and headed down to a breakfast of cereal and toast (the jam is amazing). After breakfast I grabbed my bag and loaded my skies into Baywatch (Keely’s big yellow truck) and hopped in to one of the two vans. Later, (like 15 minutes later) after a blinding drive up the sunny mountain I headed up to the bottom of the  Magic Mile chair and got all of my gear on. I waited in a long line but was rewarded by yet another beautiful day on the mountain.



Once all the way up the chair, I dropped off my backpack and took a couple of free runs to warm up. (Also the coaches were salting and so we weren’t allowed on the course.) I met up with my group and my coach Katie Hitchcock and we took a few laps all together to get advice and also to get to know the courses. After those few laps my group and I were left on our own to take lap after lap until snack break. Once snack break was over we took one video lap, then looped around for a few more sick runs.



At the end of the day I grabbed my light but wet backpack and attempted at carving in the soft and sticky snow. My skies caught a lot and I had to go slow but once I hit the terrain park it was an easy ski down the rest of the way (thankfully the side of the terrain park was groomed :)). I made it down and began the journey of taking off and packing up all of my stuff into a bag in the blaring heat. My stuff was all packed so it was time to head down to Baywatch and the vans for a drive home, that ended with lunch.



We had lunch then all went our separate ways to go into town for ice cream or snow cones, and to dry off skies and unpack bags full of wet ski stuff. Today was also the day that we had skits as tonight is the last night of camp (sob). My ski group came up with the idea to do a skit full of selfies, as the coaches hates selfies (Keely: “#selfiesarestupid”). We came up with a bunch of different selfies, planned our skit and practiced. Then we had a quick video and journaling just before skit time.



The skits were all so funny! There was one group that did America’s Got Talent and performed a butter dance (pictured above). Another group did a joke about how heavy the ski bags were when they arrived at the airport. The skits were a big hit and not to brag but my group won… just so you know. But everyone did awesome and was so creative. After skits we had a quick dinner of hamburgers and salad, then I started to write this blog. After this we have a quick meeting, before we start (or finish) packing for tomorrow.



Overall this camp has been yet another great experience and just gets better every year. I am sad that this is the last full day of camp because I have learned so much and have had such an amazing time yet again. I learn so much more about myself and about my skiing that is and will be so helpful during next year’s ski season. I thank Keely, Jess, Katie, Hailey and Chelsea for being there and coaching me. I hope you enjoyed learning about this awesome camp.




Logan Sundberg

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