Jorden and Elle’s take on day 2: Blog 2 Session 3

July 28 2013 BY Keely

IMG_4065 IMG_4068

Us being nice and smiling pretty————————-Us goofing off!


IMG_4066 IMG_4060

Coach Jess by the pretty waterfall——-Coach Anna teaching us during video



—-Us about to ski down after training


Our names are Elle Murphy & Jorden Whalen. We are both 11 years old. Jorden lives in Issaquah, Washington and Elle lives in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We just recently became really good friends. Keely asked us to do this blog together. This is our first year attending camp.


For the past couple of days we’ve been getting up at 5:30 am and eating a healthy breakfast, then jump on the ski hill for a fun day of slalom. Today we skied brushies, stubbies, and tall gates. Both of us worked on individual things. Jorden worked on keeping her inside hand up and staying out of her back seat. Elle work on leaning forward in her boots. We analyzed our video with coach Keely and coach Katie.


For dryland we hiked to an amazing, breath-taking waterfall. Coach Anna asked us what the best part of our day was at team meeting. Most of us all said the waterfall hike was the best part. We are both excited to train the dual slalom course tomorrow. We are going to race each other!




Jorden and Elle