Ellie & Carina rockin’ the day: Blog 3 Session 3

July 29 2013 BY Keely

Hi, my name is Ellie Martin, I’m 14 years old and this is my second year at this camp. I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and I have been ski racing for the Snowbird Race Team since I was seven years old. Today was our third and final day of slalom. We had a dual stubby course at the top of our lane and at the bottom there was a normal course.


The dual was really fun! We had a Mini Race that consisted of brackets and eliminations. The final two were Tegan and Carina. Carina won by a large margin, considering she is three years older than Tegan. She won a Huckleberry Shake for slaying the stubbies. This was a really fun day and I am super happy that I got to blog today!


My name is Carina Bracy, this is my first time at Keely’s camp and I am glad I decided to come. We’re have been having a blast. I have been ski racing since I was six, live in Portland, Oregon and ski for the Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation. Today was a really productive and fun day on the hill. We had awesome courses and fun duals. I’m sure every girl on the mountain wishes they were doing our camp.


We  had a great time at dryland, we went down to Welches and played Swedish Ball, a dodgeball like game where all of our competitive sides came out. After that we went to the Salmon River and a lot of us jumped in the FREEZING water. I was too much of a wimp to jump in, but still had a perfect time listening to music on the bank.  I’m glad to say today has been the best day so far!


-Ellie & Carina


IMG_4082 IMG_4083


Top of our lane this AM—————-Slaying the stubbies in the super sick dual


Sweedish ball group goof shot!



JUMP!—————————————————–Jordan: “That’s cold!!!!”