Session 1 Day 2: Hope your day was as great as ours!

June 22 2014 BY Keely

Today was epic.




Heidi, Maci, Liza



We began the day by eating chocolate chip pancakes, like how much better can you get than that? They were so fluffy, light, and the perfect temperature. Our chef Jennifer is quite the cook, everyone agrees. After stuffing our bellies with delicious food we began to load the truck, this interestingly seems to be a kind of difficult thing for us. It always ends with skis in all directions and the bags tumbling out as the tailgate is lifted.


Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 9.10.59 PM

We are artsy.


When we arrive at the mountain, everyone unloads their boot bags and skis and begins the trek up the never ending road to the bottom of the lift line. When we finally summit the climb everyone tries to put on their boots while panting like dogs, not an easy task. After we successfully perform this we are able to slide into the lift line which never seems to end.


Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 9.11.44 PM

Not a bad place to take a break.


From 7:00 to 8:15am everyone can free ski and warm up their legs. At 8:15 we all get into our groups and go through the course. Our groups have six girls in them so it is nice to get one on one time with our super awesome coaches. For us two our GS coach is Jess Kelley who has taught us a lot in just two days. We both got some of the same coaching advice which was leading with our knees not our hips which seemed to help tremendously. It is cool to be with new coaches and get different feedback. We also got to watch our own run on video which can really help us visualize our skiing and hopefully improve the next run. After training all morning, we pack up our bags and head down the glacier which is more slush than anything else.



Channeling our inner World Cup soccer skills…go USA!


Lunch was almost even better than breakfast, if that’s possible. Our wonderful cook again filled our bellies with yumminess. Dryland is different everyday. Today we went to a park and played soccer for half an hour and then had an awesome yoga experience with a great instructor, Lyndsay Strange, which was especially great after a long morning of skiing. When we got back to the house we could hear Hailey shouting from outside of the house because USA had just scored in their game against Portugal. We then continued to watch the rest of the exciting game.


Z Girls began at 5:30pm which we both participated in. This really helped with the mental game of ski racing which becomes more important as we grow older. All of the Z Girls contributed to games which helped us look at different ways to see different situations such as an important day of training before a big race.


We then began to stuff our hungry bellies with the last meal of the day: DINNER!!! This superb meal was alfredo pasta both meat and vegetarian, our cook rocks. By the way have we mentioned our cook. The rolls she made were perfectly soft and warm. After dinner we had ice cream to celebrate Heidi’s birthday with caramel or chocolate sauce on top.



Yoga with Lyndsay Strange.


As we sit here writing this blog it is crazy to think about how much we accomplished in just 16 hours, having the time of our life. It is also pretty crazy that we can name almost everyone in this camp in just two days of knowing each other.


Hope your day was as great as ours!


Liza Greene and Heidi Wills