Session 1 Day 4: Bonding over Near Death Experiences

June 24 2014 BY Keely



*Maddy and Reagan debrief over one of the three boats’ many experiences*


It’s our day off at Keely’s Camp, and anywhere else you might expect to find a bunch of lazy campers sleeping till noon and gorging themselves on junk food, but not here; at noon we were floating down the rapids of the Deschutes river, having raft-to-raft splash wars and contemplating whether or not to push our friends off the raft (I mean come on, everyone needs to experience the frigid “Oreogon” river for themselves – it’s tradition!) **random thought: what if Oregon was made of Oreos :0 *** So, we strapped on those sexy life vests, those colorful skittle helmets (not to be confused with skittle gangsters), and climbed into the raft that could become our death.




And so we set off with our attractive guide named Cory, Jennifer as our protective mother, Shelby as our main work horse/navigator, Lily as our most vocal member, Courtney as our crippled yet most energetic swimmer, Julia as our music source/DJ, Emma as our smiling face, Kyra as our sarcastic sass-master, and Reagan and Maddy as the daredevil bull riders (Toro!!!).



We were all giggles as we screamed along to “Apple Bottom Jeans”, “Classic”, and “Don’t Stop Believing”… until our guide informed us that a class 4 rapid was approaching ( dun..dun..dun… Oak Springs), and for a split second we stopped believing. Unshaken, we assumed the position- Shelby and Maddy set the pace for the rest of the paddlers, Jennifer and Cory braced for dear life, and Reagan sat at the helm screaming, “It’s a good day to die!” Little to our surprise we survived that death-defying drop, which knit our ski family that much tighter.




 We learned an important lesson that day, “Stay positive and don’t drink the river water (Keely peed in it).”