Session 2 Day 1: Do’s and Don’ts of Keely’s Camp

June 29 2014 BY Keely

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Keely’s Camp




We bestow our knowledge on you future Keely’s Campers!


Words By Valerie Hetherington & Sophia Sahm





1.) Don’t be late to meetings:


This discovery was made at 6:30 tonight—(actually 6:32, to be exact), when the two of us showed up to our nightly meeting a mere two minutes late.  Our punishment? Wall sits until we collapsed!







2.) Do participate in dryland:


Today’s dryland was a series of competitive team games.  We were split into two teams to play twenty minutes of soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and kickball. Little did we know, however, that our participation was being closely watched.









It was later revealed that the girl who participated the most won an SRD race suit!  During our meeting, it was announced that Elle Murphy had won. Way to go Elle!








3.) Don’t lean your skis against the white truck:


It was made clear early on that if we scratched the white truck with our skis, Keely would surely come after us.  The truck is new and precious to our dear coaches.  This, and Keely’s threats, made us extra careful when we loaded and unloaded our skis.





4.) Do make new friends:


There is no better place than summer camp to meet new people!  Even if you’re shy, reach out to girls from other mountains because this can create friends that you keep for the rest of your ski racing careers and lives.