Meet the 28 Girls & Women of Keely’s Camp this Week!

July 4 2014 BY Keely

One of the best moments during camp is meeting people and getting to know them. This is a list of all of  the awesome girls that we’ve met and some cool things about them:


Our New Friends: 





Isabelle- Is known as Izzy, she has a bright personality and cheerful spirit. She also rips on a GS course for being only 11 years old!


Abby- Loves the turtles from Finding Nemo, and always laughs when Keely says “BOOHYA GRANDMA!”


Ava-  She is full of questions and has a lot of energy.


Riley-  She’s a little quite at first but can take the spotlight and make everyone laugh.


Grace- You can’t miss her beaming smile. She is a very nice girl and she is a great skier.


Caroline- She can bring the joy to a sad face, and she is extremely good at painting our finger nails.


Abigael- She tagged Keely 3 times in capture the flag!


Tegan-  She kicks butt in slalom and if you give her a spider and she will FREAK OUT!


Elle- Elle is super sweet and she jumps out of bed in the middle of the night sleep talking about zippers.


Ellie- We sadly we had to say good bye a little early Ellie because she broke her arm, but she was very calm and relaxed about it which is very telling of her character.


Maddie Jo- Is an amazing athlete. She rocks at all of the games we play for dry land.


Ashely- Even through a terrible cold and plugged up nose she kept on trucking.


Jessica- She is the star of GS and a big animal lover and cow rider enthusiast.


Annika- She cares about everyone and brings a smile to our faces.


Sophia Sahm- She sprained her knee but continues to have fun.


Valerie- What can you not say about Valerie? She super nice and she can do the best imitations of the Velociraptor dinosaur and a crab.


Sarah- She has a smile all day and she is a hard worker.


Anna- She can sing you any song from any Disney movie.


Sophie Schwartsman- She is very kind, loves to play games and joke around.


Elise- Has a huge heart and is really fun to watch ski slalom.


Zoe- Is kind to everyone and shreds it on the hill.


Julia- She’s from Michigan, she learned to cross block today! And she has a goofy sense of humor.


Sophia Gunterman- Is encouraging and helpful to the group and she is very nice.


Maddy- Always has something funny to say and found the flag in capture the flag!


Our Coaches:




Erika- She has a great sense of humor and was born and raised in Sweden.


Hailey- Has one inspiring story, did you know she had brain surgery and is still racing World Cup! She could dance her way through anything.


Jessica- She gives great advice during skiing and has a huge heart.


Maia- She is super fun to be around and has a great sense of humor. She is also a great role model.


Matilda- Knowing a small bit of english she shredded the hill and was a great intern.


Keely- Runner of this awesome camp and she is really good at making us laugh till we drop!


Jennifer- Her food is awesome and could be your extra mom if your feeling home sick.


All of our different personalities brought us closer together throughout the week. We all came here to do the sport we love,and meet new friends, and we did.


This list was created by Elle Murphy and Abigael Carron with love.