Session 3 Day 1: Dance in the rain!

July 22 2014 BY Keely



BEEP BEEP BEEP! It’s a rare occasion to have 25 young girls and teens wake up at 5:30 AM in the summer….and to be excited about it.  Ready to go, stomachs full, bags packed, and skis loaded we were ready! Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to throw us girls a curve ball today.


The lifts were closed due to rain and fog, but that didn’t affect our attitude. Instead of conquering the ski hill today we conquered a 4 mile round trip hike to a beautiful waterfall. After our awesome hike there were many hungry girls ready for lunch. We went to Hood River and had lunch and shopped for a few hours. Souvenirs consisted of bow and arrows and unicorns.





After our time in Hood River we headed to a fruit farm and met a few new friends, who just happened to be goats. After buying fresh fruit and playing with our new friends we made our way home creating new dance moves to songs on the radio. Once we got back almost everyone took a long nap….with the exception of a few younger ones who have a never ending supply of energy. After everyone arose from our naps we made our way downstairs to a delicious dinner awaiting us. Of course the peanut butter brownies as dessert were the best part. Today showed us that we can conquer any mountain even fog. We’re excited for the days ahead of us!




Thanks for reading!


-Alexa and Ava