Session 3 Day 5: Shredding the Gnar with our New Friends!

July 26 2014 BY Keely



Overall, we have had such a great experience at Keely’s Camp! The past five days have been such a blast. So far we believe that today was the climax of the camp. Although we had to suffer through our 5:15 morning wake-up routine, we had the chance to take in the beauty of Mt. Hood.


We are so shocked that the weather and snow have cooperated with us considering the rain the past couple  of days. We were so excited to get back on our skis and SHRED THE GNAR WITH OUR NEW HOME DAWGS (we don’t actually say that)!!!




The course helped us improve our technique and also helped us work out the bad habits. When we had completed our shredding for the day, we were pooped!




We chatted with our friends and talked about our semi-conversations with foreign ski racers (Russian ski racers, who could not understand us). At the time, we had no idea that they ONLY spoke Russian. We ended up having full-blown conversations with ourselves and didn’t even realize it!






Macy- “Hi where are you from?”

Russian Girl- “Russia” (in a Russian accent)

Macy- “Where?”

Russian Girl- “Russia” (in a Russian accent)

Macy- (unable to understand what she was saying) “Oh where’s that?!”

Russian Girl- (giving a blank face)

Carly and others- (giggles and confused faces) “She’s from Russia!!!”

Macy- “Ohhhhh…”

THE END (A true story)


After a satisfying lunch of nachos we headed to the lake for dry-land training. There we had the opportunity to run around the lake or swim right away. Four people decided to jog, which included Carly, while all the other girls went swimming, including Macy. The lake felt refreshing after  the two mile jog. Even though the lake was crowded we had a blast!




Today was so much fun and we are looking forward to the last couple of days together with our crew!


Thanks for reading.

-Macy and Carly