Session 3 Day 6: Slalom Day and Skit Night

July 27 2014 BY Keely



It is the last night at Keely’s Camp for session 3. All week we had been practicing our skits, and learned that friends have weird ideas. Tonight we presented them. The first place group did the weird hand thing where you have someone else behind you using their hands as yours. They first pretended that they were going to the bathroom. Second they put makeup on all over their faces. Ellie, one of the girls in the skit, said, “Boys be call’n me up!” They won a Descente BUFF and a tote bag.





Now to our ski day. As usual we warmed up by taking 4 or 5 runs with our new ski buddies. After that we split into our groups, and first did A LOT  of warm up drills.




Once we finished the drill runs we started on stubbies and brush courses. One of us, not mentioning names, (Madi) did the splits on the ski hill and her bag fell over her head while her friends just stood there laughing. Eventually Dagny stopped laughing and helped her.


Tonight’s the last night and we are packing up our bags  We all have had a blast at this camp and we are sad to leave.



This is us writing the blog. Thanks for reading!

-Madi and Dagny



P.S. Here  are some friends that we made and some funny things about them.


Madi: She hates orange, but her speed suit, helmet and boots are orange (haha).


Dagny: Loves narwals.


Anja: LOVES sugar.


Angelique: Is really crazy fun. (In the good way!)