Session 4 Day 1: We’re Off & Skiing!

July 30 2014 BY Keely



Starting the day at 5:30 a.m. we jumped out of bed (just kidding), ate breakfast and loaded the vans. After a short drive up to the base of Mount Hood, we were off and skiing. Skiing consisted of several warm up runs, then split up into our ski groups and did drills. After four crazy fun hours, the snow was warm and slushy so we “GOT IN THE VAN” and went home and ate some lunch.




After lunch came dry land training, which was a sprint/run/jog/walk up the Salmon Creek Trail  and then a refreshing jump in the (freezing) creek, we “GOT IN THE VAN” and came back to the house. We had a few hours before dinner so we walked around Government Camp and enjoyed some giant snow cones. Dinner was pretty flippin’ awesome and then we topped it off with some chocolate chip cookies and another walk around Government Camp.





We are all super excited to have gotten to know each other better and can hardly wait for another awesome day of GS tomorrow.




-Swan (Paige) and Chaser (Anne): We out!


P.S. We all have sweet new nicknames.