Session 4 Day 4 & 5: Lost Lake & Slaying Slalom

August 3 2014 BY Keely

PART 1: Lost Lake Day 4




Yesterday began with a restful sleep until 9am, which was a nice break from the usual 5:30 wake up call.  We began the break-day with an egg casserole. After gathering up all our gear we “GOT IN THE VAN” excited to experience the mystery of Lost Lake. The drive was a little over an hour, but finally when we reached the crystal clear waters it was worth the drive.



After we arrived some of the girls eagerly got into the lake with exploding excitement, while others decided to eat their self made lunches or sit on the warm rocks and watch the action. A very adventurous group of ladies decided to swim across the long Lost Lake accompanied by life guard Keely in her super cute mini kayak. Wheels (Keely) also taught a few girls the first steps to rolling a kayak!




We all packed up our gear and trekked back to the van to head to the town of Hood River for dinner and shopping. After enjoying our pizza and a little bit of exploring we headed back to the vans to get back to our humble home where our sleeping bags were awaiting our arrival.




PART 2: Slalom begins


photo 1-2


After a good nights sleep we rose with the sun at 5:30 A.M, and got ready to slay the slalom slopes. As usual, Jelly Bean (Jennifer) prepared a tasteful meal consisting of sizzling bacon and hot huckleberry pancakes. Ready for the day, we headed up the hill to slaughter the mountain.


photo 2-3


We rocked some free ski runs while our amaze-balls coaches set up some spectacular drills for us to devour. After warm-up we got into our ski groups with our coaches, and headed down the hill for our first taste of slalom. Improving every run and satisfying our coaches, we lapped the different drills. Completing our morning runs we stopped for a snack break to gather ourselves before continuing our epic slalom adventure. The second half of our skiing day included more lapping with our new buds until we finally mastered all of the cutting edge courses.


photo 4


Fueled by our lunch of nutritious nachos, we were ready for some nasty kickball and peaceful yoga to settle our racing brains. Continuing on with our Mexican food themed day, we munched some fancy, fantazmagorical fajitas which perfectly wound down our delightful day.


IMG_6333 IMG_6330IMG_6338


Until next time, Riki Roo and Mango (Maile)!