Bella’s 3 Things

August 6 2014 BY Keely



Hello all! My name is Bella (Bell Pepper) Andreini and I ski for University of Alaska and have been on the Rowmark ski academy and Park City Ski team. I’m going to wrap up the “Girls Moving Mountains” blog by sharing the insights and inspirations I gained through the experience of “coach-interning” Session 4, 2014!


I went into this adventure not knowing what to expect, I wasn’t sure if I would be doing more coaching or more skiing and I wasn’t sure how close I was going to get to this unbelievable group of humans! I have had a few days to think about what made the most impact on me this week and I decided on these three things: small acts of kindness, balance, and having fun!


“Small Acts of Kindness”




“Have Fun”




I think the subject of small acts of kindness hits home for me right now. I noticed these small acts of kindness all over within the group. It started when Keely, Katie, Megan, Jennifer, Chelsea and I would text each other at night thanking each other for our work that day, and letting each other know when they made an impact on us.




After I started noticing this attitude of gratitude I started seeing it with the girls and working on doing it more. I realized how far it went when I gave a girl a compliment, like telling Tots she slays at kickball, sharing my wisdom about tuning with Swan, and seeing the look on A-dog’s face when I told her, “I feel bad for your competition!” It felt so good to give and to receive thanks!


Balance: was something I expected I would have to think about. I was going to have to step away from the self-consumed intensity that is ski racing and focus on 23 girls in addition to myself. This turned out to be much more rewarding than I expected. I realized that I could learn more by explaining how to transition from one outside ski to another than trying it over and over again.




Although the trying over and over is vital, it is also important to understand what you’re doing with your body in order to execute it. This paid off in my own slalom where I had a bit of a breakthrough in my right footed turns. Balance is beautiful!




Lastly and most importantly: FUN! This embodies the countless moments of joy that I can’t exactly describe to you. It was so fun to giggle with the girls before bed, laugh at Keely crying of laughter from the girls’ skits, sing at the top of our lungs off the chairlifts and feel the wind in our face from GS speed!




It brings me to tears trying to describe how much these moments of joy mean to me, and hopefully all the girls. This is what skiing is about, this is what life is about. I’m so glad to have been reminded.

Thank you girls….


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