2015 Freeride Girl On Fire: Howdy I’m Avery Berg!

December 23 2014 BY Keely


Avery Berg: Freeride Girl On Fire 2015


Summing up this experience in a couple of words, this has been totally epic.

To anyone who happens to be browsing across this blog, howdy! My name is Avery Berg, and this past fall, I applied for a sponsorship that Keely Kelleher and Tecnica/Blizzard were putting on. Little did I know that in the near future, I would get “the call.”




Being the teenage girl I am, I immediately snapped a selfie when I heard the news.


When I first got notice that I was the Girl On Fire, I was just leaving school. In our car was a box with the return address of Keely Kelleher’s house. I immediately realized what the box meant, and was overcome with joy.

In fact, I was in tears and basically screaming. The cars driving past ours must have suspected that something tragic had happened.


And here’s the card I received from Keely.

Then, soon after, Keely called me to seal the deal. I’ll let you in on a little secret- the phone call was a bit awkward as I was at a complete loss for words while talking to one of my idols.

To get my boots and skis, I worked with Joe Dunn, a representative from Tecnica Blizzard. For the skis, I chose the Sambas and the Sheevas, and so far, they’re riding phenomenally. Additionally, I chose the Cochise 95 W and trust me, those boots are luxurious.


Let me tell you- these are some sweet skis.


What I also have found is that my confidence level has increased immensely. Now, instead of being that shy girl who says nothing on the lift, I feel like I’ve been more open to socializing. Additionally, this newfound confidence has, in my opinion, even increased my skiing ability.

So yes, truly an epic experience.




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