Girl On Fire is right: Avery Berg lights up!

May 23 2015 BY Keely

Blogger: Avery Berg, from Montana, is our 2015 Girl On Fire Scholarship, Freeride Recipient. Avery received 2 pairs of Blizzard skis and a pair of Tecnica boots along with a spot in a Keely’s Camp of her choice. This is her final season update. Thanks girl and congratulations on your successful season! Watch for announcement for our 2016 Girl On Fire Scholarship opportunities in both ski racing and freeride!


This has been a winter of great goggle tans, spring skiing, new friends, and sick competitions. Sadly though, many competitions were cancelled this season due to challenging conditions. However, the competitions that did take place were incredible. This winter, I went to Grand Targhee for their regional and national events, Red Lodge for another regional, Kicking Horse for a national, Moonlight Basin for a regional, and I’ll be going to the North American Championships in a couple of weeks. To say the least, it has been a seriously action-packed winter!


There’s always time to rock out when you’re skiing!

If you’re not familiar with big mountain comps, let me explain. Imagine sending a bunch of crazy freeskiers down a challenging run complete with chutes, cliffs, steeps, jumps, and other technical features. Mayhem, right? Not completely. Athletes must find a line that they think pushes their limits, but doesn’t go ridiculously overboard. Judges then score them based on five categories- line, control, fluidity, technique, and style/energy. What’s fun about these events is the freedom that comes with them. I mean, what’s more awesome than skiing a creative line and hanging out with your friends for a weekend?


Here’s what a typical venue looks like.


I started out the season by going to Grand Targhee, Wyoming, and ended up winning in my category! It was a two day, two run event, and each day I laid down a solid runs.


This season definitely started with a bang!

Despite the lack of snow in the west, the rest of the season was phenomenal. At the Headwaters Spring Runoff at Moonlight Basin, I got second place. It’s an incredible experience to have a competition at your home mountain, so the Runoff is always really exciting. Not to mention they also give away sweet prizes…


Here are all the top finishers from the Runoff.

And without the help from Tecnica/Blizzard and support from Keely’s Camp, I don’t know how I would’ve been able to do all of this. The equipment that I have right now gives me so much confidence to go bigger and ski faster.

To recap, I’ve had an incredible season competing, making new friends, working with Keely, and skiing around my home mountain. But skiing isn’t over quite yet, as there’s still time to get a couple weekends worth of fun in!

So get out into the mountains and shred hard these last weeks!

~Avery Berg