Session 1 Day 1 & 2: We Love Mt. Hood!

June 20 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Kiana and Marina

Hey! We’re here at Keely’s Camp. It is probably the best camp you can go to. We got here Thursday and met a lot of great girls! The camp is very engaging and fun: hiking, swimming, and making new friends!



After arrival, we were supper excited to pick our rooms and meet the girls. I (Kiana) rushed right to Huckleberry’s with my new friends for our first huckleberry shake…. It was super duper amazing! Thursday night we were served delicious spaghetti from Keely’s mom, Jennifer. Then we got all our stuff ready for the 5:30 wake up call on Friday morning to go skiing.




It was really hard to get up so early, but we were really pumped for the day! After some yummy cereal and fruit we GOT IN THE VAN and headed towards Hood for our first day of training. There was so little snow that we had to upload and download carrying our skis and bags. When we reached the top, there was a beautiful view below us of the clouds. The two of us went into a group with our coach Brenna to work on some drills for the day.



After a tiring day of training, we had hot dogs for lunch. Our dry land on Friday consisted of hiking up to Mirror lake and some of us swimming. Isla and Kiana (that’s me 😀 ) swam all the way to the other side of the lake, but we got freaked out because some seaweed touched us and some other girls found a crawfish. When we finished our shiver some swim, we GOT IN THE VAN and drove back home. Most of the girls ran straight to the showers. For dinner, we ate really great chicken tacos.




All the girls carefully packed the skis into Jerry (the truck that takes our skis) and were very careful not to scratch him. We were treated to the BEST pancakes from the amazing Jennifer. After breakfast, we GOT IN THE VAN for the day of slalom training.  During training I was super lucky and got the chance to take our camp mascot, Floyd the elephant, and put him on my helmet while I skied.




We had threeish stubby courses, a tilted full gate coarse to practice cross blocking, and a small regular course. We took a couple of free runs then split into our groups to work hard and improve. By the end of training we were all looping through the courses. At about 12:30, we GOT IN THE VAN and stuffed ourselves with tasty sandwiches. Then the four groups got a chance to watch video footage from Holt’s amazing filming skills.




For dry land, we went to a playground and played birdy on a perch, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and kickball. We were all super hot so we GOT IN THE VAN and drove to a nearby river. At the river, we were greeted by some dead fish on the rocks, so a lot of girls changed their minds about getting in to swim. When a couple of us got in, we discovered it was so cold that it felt like needles were poking us. For dinner, we had amazing mac and cheese from the even more amazing Jennifer.




Keely’s Camp has been so fantastic so far and we can’t wait for the rest of our adventures this week!


-Kiana and Marina-