3 Things You Learn Coaching as an Athlete

June 21 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Sommer Glasgow and Hannah West are coaching as athletes this week. Each week at camp we have younger athletes come in to coach/intern. They are able to coach, train, and learn from their experience!



Hey guys! Our names are Sommer Glasgow and Hannah West, and we are interns at Keely’s Camp Session 1 of 2015 Mt. Hood, Oregon. We ski for Rowmark Ski Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah and this is our first year interning. I (Sommer) was an original Keely’s camper from her first camp ever, so it’s super cool to have the opportunity to come back and coach/intern along side my favorite coach and an inspiring group of women!


1. Balancing communication between coach and athlete

We have learned that there’s a certain balance to achieve in terms of coach to athlete communication. Through positive feedback and constructive criticism, a coach has to find what works and doesn’t work for each athlete. The coaches here demonstrate the balance perfectly. We’ve found this particular group of girls inspiring in the sense that they take the feedback, buckle down, and send it to accomplish their goals, which is something we can take and use in our lives as athletes on Rowmark.


2. When you teach you learn!

Because of the narrow age gap between us and the girls, we have a lot of the same focuses in our skiing. We can take what we are working on, and apply it to the girls’ specific focuses. In doing so, we can give them different ways to think about a certain task that click for both us and the girls.


3. And, of course, find the fun!

No matter what you’re doing, always find something positive. We are all here because we share a common passion for skiing. We aren’t waking up at 5:30 for nothing; we are getting to the mountain to shred!