Rafting with the Girls!

June 22 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Sarah Devenport, WI and Mackenzie Ward, CO. Session 1 day 4 Rafting day off!


Wowza! What a day! This is Sarah Devenport and Mackenzie Ward reporting from Keely’s Camp. Today was our day off, and we spent it right, at the Deschutes river rafting! Parents: don’t worry we all put on plenty of sunscreen and safety devices which made us look SO fabulous.







This is our second year rafting so we really knew what to expect. On the very FIRST rapid Sarah literally launched out of the raft, but even in those stressful moments she remembered to follow the crucial safety instructions for when in the water.





One of the last rapids we rode was the Swimmers Rapid, it was such a hot day so we were all eager to float through the roller coaster like waves. Super cool! We were on the river for approximately 2 hours and loved every single second of it! Rafting was the perfect off day activity because it gave us a change of scenery along with lots of team work and laughter.




When our journey down river came to a close our stomachs were growling with hunger. We went to the restaurant we had gone to the previous year for lunch. Although lunch last year was uneventful, this years was not… two words… ants and hippies (you can interpret that anyway you want). Around four we got back to the Academy House, everyone was very tired, so the rest of the evening was spent relaxing and preparing for our upcoming skit night.