5 Things I Learned at Keely’s Camp Today!

Blogger: Hello, my name is Isla Hawkins, I live in Alberta, Canada and here are 4 things I learned today: 


1. That files cause a hanging edge on your ski, and to fix them you can use a diamond stone.


2.Standing under a waterfall is beautiful and fun.


Having the camp mascot (Floyd the Elephant) on your head while skiing increases your confidence, and your skiing skills.


4.Things about your new friends:  Kiana accidentally put two contacts in the same eye this morning, and was confident enough to say it in front of the whole camp, without hesitation.


Although we had to wake up at 5:15, feeling less than stellar, we had a great day on the hill. Not only did we get to ski slalom, we also got to hike to a charming waterfall. 

Bet you can’t beat that.

We are so stoked for tomorrow’s adventures and ski training!





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  1. Kevin Kelleher says:

    Nice…remember to wear gloves when hard filing to avoid cutting your hands…ver painful and those hanging edges are sharp! From old wax nazi! Have fun!

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