Session 2 Day 2: Slaying GS & Capture the Flag!

June 28 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Audrey Simonson from WA & Hannah R.F. from Montana!

The Day From Audrey’s POV:

Today we had to wake up on the early side to be able to get on the chair loading first thing because of special privileges (which is awesome, am I right!). But, that didn’t work out as well as planned for the chair didn’t actually work when we were expected to get on the lift. My ski day went well too, which is good! My coach, Jess Kelly and I worked on my transition and our group had a blast. I was able to catch up with some old friends from prior years.



For dryland today we went to the woods a little bit above the house and played an epic Capture the Flag game. To me, it seemed like I was in the Hunger Games sneaking through the forest trying not to die, but in reality not trip and face plant. But being me, I actually did fall and scrape my leg. Then after dinner and meeting and all that jazz, we had a room cleaning check.


Thankfully my roommates and I were already pretty tidy, so we just laid there and became slugs during the check. Now I am watching the Office with my new found friends and getting ready for another awesome day tomorrow!


The Day From Hannah R-F’s Point Of View

Today everybody had to get up 15 minutes earlier than usual because we got to use the public lane. After everybody  was awake and dressed we loaded our skis into Jerry (the camp truck) and went downstairs for a breakfast of cereal and oatmeal.

At 6:10 we all got in the vans to head up to the hill. All the campers were supposed to be at the front of the lift line but people kept cutting us and it turned into this big mess with lots of pushing and shoving. After that we all did a few warmup runs and our coach Leanne lead us in a warmup. We started GS training and I felt like I improved a lot! Next came our snack break and after snack we all did one drill run.


We headed down the mountain and ate some turkey sandwiches for lunch. After that my group watched our viedos and got some good feedback. Then it was onto adventures in the wax room with Hannah L. and Abby. Abby and I hot waxed our skis just fine however Hannah L. had some issues because she could not figure out how to use a clothes iron to wax her skis.


After waxing it was onto dryland with some intense capture the flag which started off with a bang when Riley fell into a mud pit up to her knee and lost her shoe. When she eventually found her shoe she had to dump out a whole bunch of mud. My team lost in the end, but it was a very close game. After a quick swim in the lake it was time for shopping in Govy and some dinner. All in all it was a very great day spent with great people!