Session 2 Day 5: First Day of Slalom!

July 1 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Anna Moscovici (Seattle, Washington), Madeline Paillard (Thonon-les-Bains, France)

Like the past few days we got up bright and early to be the first ones on the hill. We started the day with Carina announcing that Mt. Hood would be featured on the snapchat story today; dream come true! Obviously we took enormous amounts of snapchat stories to try our luck at making the cut onto the live story. We ended up making it four times!


IMG_8545 IMG_8550


Up at the hill the coaches set up some sweet drills for us to practice on before getting into the gates. It was very hot but we still managed to train very hard and get lots of runs in despite the long lines. For dry land we got in the van to go to TIMOTHY LAKE! The whole way we belted the songs “Cheerleader”, “Shut up and Dance” and many more.




At the lake we had a swimming race that included freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly, and even the doggie paddle! The doggie paddle was a killer on the upper arms let me tell you! I’m sure not to anyone’s surprise we again sang on the way back which also continued into the house. It was an awesome day to say the least!


Nous sommes très exités pour demain! (We are very excited for tomorrow!)