An Ode to Ski Camp

Bloggers: Ava Lilley and Quinn Gossett




An Ode to Ski Camp


roses are red my ski tips are blue

my chin guard is yellow, what about you?




the gates are plastic and buckle under my power

I shred every turn, leaving tracks that burn!




my new friends are great except for the ones that fart (but we still love you)

my new adventure will be like fine art






the slopes are soft like a freshly made slushy

my huckleberry shake makes me go flushy flushy




-Ava and Quinn- Thanks for reading!




Keely’s Camp is an amazing adventure! Together we will travel through the slushy snow, but we will travel together never alone.

Quote from the coaches, ” Get in the van!” AND ” Make sure you have your exit buddy!”





The day was awesome! New friends were made and our ski skills were improved drastically. After skiing, we hiked up to an amazing waterfall. Oregon’s beauty is amazing. We can’t wait for tomorrow!





2 responses to “An Ode to Ski Camp”

  1. Eric Lillet says:

    So glad the first day was AWESOME!!! Keep the fun on ELEVEN!!!

  2. Karen slusar says:

    Looks awesome.
    Hi Allison!!!

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