Session 3 Day 1: What Mt. Hood Means to us

Bloggers: Laken & Franci from Montana


For our blog we want you to know what Mt. Hood means to us! Thanks for reading!


M- is for the monstrous mountain that we shred on man! BTW its actually a volcano so bam!






T- is for team, “We’re all in this together!” #girlsmovingmountains




H- is for happiness, because skiing makes us happy!





O- is for our families, thank you for sending us to camp!




O- is for our new friends that we are making!





D- is for dominating the ski slopes, because we are fabulous!





One response to “Session 3 Day 1: What Mt. Hood Means to us”

  1. Lance Trebesch says:

    You GO GIRLS!

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