Session 1 Last Day: We Are THE Interns

June 18 2016 BY Keely

*The role of the Keely’s Camp Coach Intern Program is to provide a positive, educational, and fun learning environment for athletes who are motivated to learn about ski racing from a different perspective- as a coach! Coach Interns are former Keely’s Campers who displayed positive leadership skills while attending camp. The Keely’s Camp staff wished they had coached while they were competing because they have found that it  helps to give clarity to several technical, and tactical aspects of ski racing. 



Hi, We’re the Coach Interns for Keely’s Camp Session 1!

Zoe (Zipper) and Maile (Mango)

Code Name: Zango

We were both campers in previous years and this year we got the opportunity to come back as Coach Interns. Session 1 was both entertaining and educational!

For both of us coming back as Coach Interns instead of campers, we were excited to experience the other side of Keely’s Camp. We were in charge of putting campers to bed and enforcing lights out (at 9:30).  On the hill we were the gate schleppers and we shadowed the coaches and their groups, demonstrating drills, lapping with the youngsters, and occasionally setting a course!



Here are some things we learned:

-Always drill straight into the snow… ALWAYS.

-Nap time is important when interning.

-Speak concisely when giving advice.

-If you say please the campers will go to bed… eventually.

-Milkshakes are important for maintaing a sharp intern mindset.

-Gates are heavier than they look.

-Aux cords are essential in maintaing camper enthusiasm for playing music in the vans.

-Don’t take it too seriously… and always have fun.

Peace and Lava Lamps,




Zoe setting her first course in less than ideal conditions.