Sesssion 2 Day 3: Mirror Lake & Bloody Noses

June 22 2016 BY Keely

Bloggers: Allison from WI & Madison from MT!

On Hood:

  • To start the day, the calf killing hike from the parking lot
  • 2 lift rides later, it’s still 37°
  • Allison crashes and loses her ski

Allison’s ski rockets down the hill, good thing Maci can catch


Good morning beautiful Mt. Hood!

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: Audrey
    • Misses the seat on the Magic Mile
    • Misses the seat again on Palmer
    • Finds out she has a bone spur
    • Nose starts gushing blood in the lift line
      • Gets snow to try to stop bleeding
      • Throws snow off lift, I thought this was ski camp not How to Get Away With Murder
      • Stops bleeding with a tampon, who knew?



Best nose bleed stopper out there!

  • GS training is AWESOME
  • It is now 70°, going down feels more like waterskiing
  • Finally at the van, taking off our sweaty layers and painful boots
  • Feeling so happy about another day of great GS training

Mazie from MT laying down a sweet arc!

Mirror Lake:

  • 3 steps in Maci twists her ankle (she’s ok!)
  • 10 steps in we were already winded (we trained full length GS today)
  • Halfway in we cut some corners
  • Almost there Madison gets a bloody nose (another one! we didn’t have a tampon for this one)
  • In the lake our bodies felt numb
  • On the way down gravity gave us a little push
  • At the parking lot we sat in a nearby stream
  • Sitting wasn’t enough, Zoe wanted to slide in
  • Time to leave, GET IN THE VAN


This was awesome!


Kind of gross, but way too much fun!


Chillaxing in a freezing stream.