Session 2 Days 4, 5, & 6: Whitewater, Ted Ligety Fun Facts, Bowling, Broken Teeth, & Slalom Rules!

June 25 2016 BY Keely

Bloggers: Kiana Holmes (16, Colorado) and Isla Hawkins (15, Alberta, Canada)

Hello fellow readers and skimmers-

Over the past few days we have had so much fun, from rafting with floyd, to an intense bowling competition (which we came in last), and an awesome start to slalom.



Day 4: Finally a day to sleep in! We woke up at nine to more of Jellybean (Jennifer)’s food. Then we GOT IN THE VAN and went on our way to our radical rafting adventure. We split off into our ski groups (Hailey’s group the pinching [fierce] dragons is the coolest) and started our freezing journey down the river.  The pinching dragons came prepared with water guns to get revenge on Keely for splashing us last year, but we soon discovered that 99 cent water guns don’t like to work. Many of us “rode the bull” and Isla, aka Canada, had no problem pushing us in. After a class four rapid, we all got a chance to swim down the rapids even though the water was freezing. Then we GOT IN THE VAN and went home to some well needed rest and Huckleberry shakes.



Day 5: Today we woke up to Jess telling us to go back to sleep, and they would come and tell us if we were skiing or not. Turns out they didn’t even open the Mile (the first chairlift). After hearing this news we all proceeded to go back to bed for another hour. After waking up and eating breakfasts we all GOT IN THE VAN and drove to a bowling alley. I (Isla) have personally never been bowling before, it was an awesome time. Two minutes after we left the bowling alley Ted Ligety showed up isn’t that COOL!




We then went to chipotle, I don’t think we have any in Canada, it was pretty good. After we had filled our bellies up with food, we GOT BACK IN THE VAN and went to go see a movie. Some of us went to Finding Dory and the rest of us went to the Shallows. Finding Dory was adorable and so funny. We all GOT BACK IN THE VAN and headed home as quickly as we could so that we could make it in time for the Ted Ligety signing.


Fun Ted Ligety Facts we learned at his signing (well, we asked him)-

  1. His spirit cheese is roquefort.
  2. The weirdest flavor of toothpaste he can think of is bile.
  3. If he were a mermaid his tail would be teal.
  4. When I told him he was basically Elsa (FROM THE MOVIE FROZEN) he laughed and I died.



Day 6: Yahoo! Our first day of Slalom! After two days off we were pumped to get back on skis. Our group, the Pinching Dragons, worked on not having such a strait line. The lift closed for at least 20 mins,  so Hailey’s group decided to hike up to get an extra run in.



It was tough work and really hot (I (Isla) may have fallen once or twice… or more) but every run counts. After skiing we GOT IN THE VAN and went home to work hard on our skits. They were all very funny, but Keely’s group ended up winning with a fierce rap. I can’t believe the week is almost over. It went by so quickly and we all made the most amazing friends and improved so much. See you next year Hood!