Session 5: ‘A Different Perspective’

July 17 2016 BY Keely

Blogger: Lizzy Baer was an original camper in 2011. She attended two camps and came back this year as our Session 5 Coach Intern. Lizzy did a phenomenal job connecting with the girls and made us all laugh with her fun and lighthearted spirit. Thank you Lizzy and good luck racing for Babson College this year!




Coming into Keely’s Ski Camp as a Coach Intern, and not a camper, made me nervous but also excited to experience Keely’s Ski Camp from a different perspective. As a Coach Intern I was taught and shown the various duties/jobs of a coach. I was put to work on and off the hill.




Keely didn’t hesitate to throw me right in and start working. Keely trusted me to get the job done and with that trust I felt confident to execute the tasks asked of me. Throughout the entire day, 24/7, I was coaching the girls. Whether I was showing them how to arc the beginning of their turn by flexing their knee and ankle, or showing them how to tune and wax their skis.



Keely’s staff is top notch and I had to rise to the occasion! The girls in my group were the youngest, ages 9-10. This obviously was a challenge, but one I was willing to tackle. While coaching I learned a whole new level of patience, especially with a younger group. It had never occurred to me, before this experience, that patience is one of, if not, the most important quality in a coach and let me tell you Keely’s staff has it.




As a Coach Intern you’re expected to coach your group at the same level as the rest of the staff, which showcases the high standards of Keely’s Ski Camp. I believe I accomplished this standard and achieved more personally than anticipated. In all, being a Coach Intern at Keely’s Ski Camp taught me how to coach at the highest of standards, but most importantly it taught me that coaching is just as rewarding to me as it is to the athletes.