Setting My Course: Reflections from Coach Intern Tait Bjornsen

Setting My Course: Reflections from Coach Intern Tait Bjornsen

Coach Intern Tait from Jackson, WY ripping a gs turn!


During my time as a Coach Intern I got to spend time with amazing coaches who not only taught me a lot about how to improve my own skiing and also gave me opportunities to learn about what is required to be a real coach. Each day on the hill I saw Keely, Jess, Leanne, Lindsay, and Waddle doing drills and explaining concepts to girls, helping them change their skiing. It was a great experience to be able to watch the girls try to put what they had learned from the drills into the course. One of the best parts of being a Coach Intern was seeing the improvement in the girls skiing from day one, to the last day when they were ripping it up in a gs course.


Being a Coach Intern also involved setting my first course. This was something that I was really looking forward to. Learning how to use the drill, and to place the gates was a great experience. It helped me see what was involved in coaching. After setting the course as an intern you also got to run it. After skiing it you would know whether gates were placed too close together, or if they were too far across the hill. After skiing my own course I know that setting a fun and even course is a little harder than I expected. Another responsibility of being an intern was running a dry land. This allowed me to take on a leadership role, and have the girls listen to my directions. This was also really fun because we got to play games while running around. Being a leader of dry land also made me have more respect for my coaches because even for one day it was harder than I thought to get all the girls in one place.

Coach Interns Tait from Jackson, WY and Helga from Isafjordur, Iceland!


Getting to know the girls in session five was another great part of my week in hood. Everyone was always ready to get skiing even though getting up at 5:30 every morning was not easy. All the girls were really inclusive, and would never let someone ride up the chairlift alone. In the ski groups there was always a very positive attitude that helped keep everyone happy throughout the day on the hill. No matter how their run was, even if they crashed, the girls were still glad to be skiing. I learned a lot from the campers about this. As a ski racer it is hard to not get frustrated at times, but during this week the girls showed me the importance of staying positive and having a good mindset.


Overall my week as a Coach Intern helped me learn a lot about the responsibilities of being a coach, while also still getting to improve my own skiing in the courses. It was a great experience and I hope to be at Keely’s Camp again next year!

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