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Session 1 Day 2: 5 Tips to Survive Mt. Hood on a Gnarly, Rainy, Foggy, Windy Day

June 13 2016 BY Keely

5 Tips to Survive Mt. Hood on a Gnarly, Rainy, Foggy, Windy Day  Camp Bloggers: BB, Cailin, & Holly          …


Session 4 Day 5: Volcano Cones!

August 1 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Corinne, MA & Becca, UT     We started our day in the blistering heat of 93 degrees. The snow changed rapidly from…


Session 4 Day 1: Fun times with Ducky (Jamie) and G-raff (Ulla)

July 29 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Ducky (Jamie), CO & G-raff (Ulla).   Howdy, parents. The best part about Keely’s Camp so far has definitely been meeting new friends…


Session 3 Day 4: Five Amazing Reasons we are Exhausted!

July 24 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Hailey & Maddy, UT, Riley & Sidra, AK! 1. We have been waking up 5:21 am to totally shred the gnar at Hood….

Session 3 Day 2: Tubular day on Hood!

July 22 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Hannah & Riki from Montana!   What we did today:     We rose with the sun at 5:30am Loaded our skis into…

Session 3 Day 1: What Mt. Hood Means to us

July 21 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Laken & Franci from Montana   For our blog we want you to know what Mt. Hood means to us! Thanks for reading!…

Five Reasons Why Keely’s Camp Rocks!

July 16 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Ellie, UT & Sophie, WY Keely’s Camp rocks because… 1. We learned taekwondo from Hailey Duke!     2. We channel our inner…

A Day in the Life of a 10-year Old Keely Camper

July 15 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Riley and Maddie from California, age 10     Team mascot Floyd!     Today we had fun, we skied a slalom course,…

An Ode to Ski Camp

July 13 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Ava Lilley and Quinn Gossett     An Ode to Ski Camp   roses are red my ski tips are blue my chin…

Session 2 Day 5: First Day of Slalom!

July 1 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Anna Moscovici (Seattle, Washington), Madeline Paillard (Thonon-les-Bains, France) Like the past few days we got up bright and early to be the first…

Session 2 day 4: GO USA & Rafting Rules!

June 30 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Hannah Lautenberg (Vail, Colorado) and Abby Harmon (Helena, Montana) After 3 hardcore days of GS training on Mount Hood, we got a day off. This…

Session 2 Day 2: Slaying GS & Capture the Flag!

June 28 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Audrey Simonson from WA & Hannah R.F. from Montana! The Day From Audrey’s POV: Today we had to wake up on the early side…