I wish a camp like this was around when I was growing up.


 -Alice Mckennis Olympian, Current USST Member & Keely’s Camp Athlete Ambassador



“It’s a well known fact in education that girls learn differently than boys, and Keely has finally created a ski experience that acknowledges this.”

-Han Kim, Parent


“As a U18 race dad and an officer of our local club in NYS,  have been exposed to many camps, with varied experiences, primarily on the East coast, but also in the West.  Tara recently attended one of Keely’s camps and the experience was above and beyond any other.  The dynamic of an all girl’s staff and participants is extremely positive and supportive, and allows the girls to interact and engage with each other, and the coaches, differently, while very effective, compared to the standard mixed representation of coaches and athletes. Kudos and a shout-out to Keely and her staff for a smooth, very well run, competitive yet relaxed and caring environment that I am strongly recommending to girls that either may not yet have attended any camps, to those seasoned athletes, for an unforgettable and most important FUN and safe experience.  Thanks Keely and team! “

-John Seigle, Parent



“The all female roster and coaching staff really contributed to Sara’s focus and self-esteem. USSA emphasizes the need to recognize different strength training exercises and drills based on peak height velocity, biological age versus training age etc. etc. but doesn’t give much advice on how to COACH girls. “Girl Drama” to many male coaches is usually ignored, butit takes a woman to understand that this is how our athletes sometimes react to their own physical, emotional, and social growth as part of a team or group. Sara not only learned much about her own skiing, but she was given mentorship by a group of strong and smart women!”

-Becca West, Parent

“Lizzy had a blast and is so motivated.  She said it was the best race camp she’s ever gone to.  She loved the coaches, friends, new friends, camp cook (tell your mom great job), Mt. Hood Academy House, Hood summer skiing and snow, Government Camp, skits, & on & on & on.  Thank you.  I love that you had a vision and went through with it. You can count on Lizzy next year. Thanks for being a great mentor and motivator.”

-Chris Baer, Parent

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“Keely’s camp provides girls with invaluable visual and contextual learning opportunities. At Keely’s camp girls have access to female coaches with World Cup, Olympic and upper level FIS experience who not only coach, but run the course with them.  We’re not aware of another experience like it.”

-Jeff & Kari Hensien, Parents






“Sofia, had such a great time and enjoyed herself thoroughly. She said it was the “Best Camp Ever!”  She said she learned a lot too. She told us you and your coaching pals hauled the gates, drilled the holes, salted, video taped and did all the Grunt Work without any difficulty.  She said everything ran smoothly and Keely’s mom’s cooking was delicious!  The way you did it all with fun loving enthusiasm and skill is such a tremendous example for her & the other campers to have witnessed and such a confidence builder that Girls can do it ALL!  She loved the other Coaches and the Junior Coaches as well.  Your Blog Posts & Facebook Social Networking was the best I’ve ever seen! I got hooked to your blog like I did to 24 when it was still on TV!  I knew early on that next year you would be expanding to more sessions.  Great for you & and even better for our Shredding Daughters.  Thank you for your hard work and success. I can’t wait to see Sofia’s DVD & witness her growth as a Ski Racer.  I know her growth as a self-confident young lady with lots of new friends has grown tremendously by your example of hard work while having much fun in a male dominated industry!  Keely and staff, you ROCK!”

-Francis Yubero, Parent