From Camper to Coach – 7 Years at Keely’s Camp

July 1 2018 BY Keely


Hello! My name is Maci St.Cyr, I am 17 years old, and I’m from Big Sky, Montana. Keely’s Camp has been a big part of my life for a while now and camp this year was a big milestone and a new chapter. This past week at camp marked my 7th year coming to Keely’s Camp. Not only was I part of her ski racing camps, but also her backcountry camps in Montana and Iceland.  Instead of coming as a camper, I came back as a Coach Intern. Being given the opportunity to be a Coach Intern was incredible. In this past week I have learned so much from being put in this role. The most important things I learned:


Maci setting her first course with Keely.

  1. How much the campers looked up to me, which I wasn’t fully expecting.
  2. How to be a coach, and how hard the job actually is.
  3. How much responsibility it is to be a Coach Intern.

Most importantly, this week I learned how to be a coach while being an athlete. Getting to learn and experience that was the most important thing I took away from camp. I was able to be a coach and help other girls with their skiing, but at the same time work on my own skiing. I gained a whole new understanding of the broken down dynamics of ski racing, and how to articulate it to other people. By coaching other girls, it also impacted my skiing in a very positive way. 


Maci and sister Franci have both been coming to camp for many years.

Learning how to be a coach from the awesome ladies that once coached me was a lively and insightful experience that I wouldn’t want to go through with anyone else. Annie Rendall, Leanne Smith, and Kristin Waddle were my right hand ladies in this learning experience. They made my experience this week at camp exciting and awe-inspiring.

As I said before, this week at camp was the start of a new chapter for me. Being a Coach Intern was a small part of that new chapter given that I had never done it before. The major part was Keely offering me a job to coach at her camps next summer. Going back to my first year at camp, I remember coming home and telling my mom how much I loved it, and specifically telling her that when I was older I wanted to become a coach for Keely’s Camp. Hearing Keely ask me to be a coach gave reality to my childhood dream. Growing up through Keely’s Camp has definitely shaped me into who I am today in such a positive way. I’m so excited to continue my journey through Keely’s Camp and to be a part of helping girls move mountains.


Session One Team Photo!