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Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking for Girls in Jackson Hole

2020 Schedule and Details to be announced by February 1, 2020!


fullsizeoutput_3c3Come learn to whitewater kayak with us in beautiful Jackson Hole!

Keely started whitewater kayaking when she was seven years old. She grew up chasing her older sister Brenna down the Gallatin River in Montana and was a member of the Wave Train Kayak team for five years. Brenna, her sister, would eventually go on to win the 2001 Kayaking World Freestyle Junior Championships. Keely currently instructs whitewater kayaking at Rendezvous River Sports in Jackson, WY. Keely is passionate about getting the next generation of girls on the river!

This camp is for girls who are excited to learn the basics of whitewater kayaking in a comfortable, safety conscious, and fun environment. We have an all-star female staff of ACA (American Canoe Association) fully certified whitewater kayak instructors from the best kayak school in the country, Rendezvous River Sports. 


  • Four day progression and instruction of whitewater kayaking from the best female instructors in kayaking
  • All necessary kayak equipment including boats and paddles
  • Three delicious camp meals a day plus river snacks 
  • Transportation during camp
  • Photographs from the week
  • 24 hour supervision at our campsite on the Hoback River


Day 1

Arrive to our campsite on the Hoback River at 4pm.

Orientation, introductions, and set up camp. We will be camping on the Hoback River for the duration of the camp. 


Day 2 Flat Water Training – Slide Lake or Equivalent Site

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Learning good kayaking technique requires the right equipment, a properly fit boat and a solid foundation of skills. We will start the day at Rendezvous River Sports shop. Our instructors will begin getting to know the students as we gear everyone up for being on the water and discuss the features of a whitewater kayak.

We take extra care to ensure that everyone is comfortable with their personal equipment and with the boat they will paddle. We are pleased to offer a very broad range of the latest kayaks from Jackson, Dagger, & Pyranha for our girls to use. 

Once everyone is geared up (about an hour +/-) we will travel to Slide Lake or an equivalent flat water training site to learn basic paddling skills. We begin with the body mechanics of kayaking, correct posture and wet exits (Depending on weather conditions we may teach wet exits in the RRS pool). As many students are apprehensive about being upside-down we are careful not to rush this step.

Next, we move on to strokes beginning with forward and reverse sweeps and forward and back paddling. After lunch we will play with using the kayak on edge, J-turns, braces and draws. This will still leave us time for a few games to test our new skills and for a short paddle around the area. In addition to kayaking, our instructors are also knowledgeable about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and will help the students understand the natural history of the unique places we will paddle through.  

Day 3 Snake River – South Park to Astoria Boat Ramp

To the river! Beginning at South Park Bridge we will go through a detailed outline of river safety, including how to swim in moving water. After a review of basic paddle strokes we will learn about river features & how to deal with them. Why does the river do what it does? What creates whitewater? What is an eddy and why are they important? All of these questions and more are answered there. Before embarking we will again discuss river safety with the addition of river running strategy and on river signals. Once we are headed downstream everyone will focus on peel outs, eddy turns, ferries and having fun with the moving current. Angle and edge control are what it is all about. We will paddle approximately 9 miles including King’s Rapid. 


Day 4 – Rolling & Hoback River to Astoria Boat Ramp

At this point everyone will have experienced flipping over in their kayak. Now everyone will experience how to roll the kayak back upright. This will be done at the Broken Arrow Ranch pool. After a half day of rolling we will have a relaxed lunch and then go back to the water. This time we will start on the Hoback River, near the confluence with the Snake. There we will again review river features and safety and get more time to practice peel outs, eddy turns and ferries. We will soon flow into the Snake and repeat the bottom section of the stretch from the day before – about 3-4 miles.38918422_1919814888079370_6305942971934048256_o

Day 5 Snake River – Pritchard to Sheep Gulch Graduation Day!

We are off to the Canyon. At this time everyone will have the option of using the kayak they are in or switching to an open deck and/or sit-on-top kayak. Stable and self-bailing, yet with a hard shell, sit-on-tops offer most of the performance of a closed deck kayak in a more user friendly package. They are a great option for anyone who wants to experience more whitewater with a little added ease, while still using the skills they have learned in the course.

Beginning at Pritchard Creek gives students ample warm up before entering the canyon proper. The Alpine Canyon stretch of the Snake is World famous for its super fun, yet fairly forgiving rapids. We will experience the challenge of paddling through Station Creek, Double Draw, Blind Canyon, Big Kahuna, Lunch Counter, Rope, Champagne and Cottonwood.  As we travel down river we will stop to play and surf on the waves and features, using all the skills we have acquired during the week. Congratulations everyone!

*Parent pickup at the Hoback River campsite at 5pm.