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A $50 service fee will be charged if you cancel a session. 

Special Trip to Airport Fee

$150 if flights cannot be scheduled in our 9am to 2pm flight windows

Unaccompanied Minor Tips

Each airline has their own UM Age Policy. We suggest flying Southwest Airlines and/or Alaska Airlines to avoid UM fees, save you money, and to make group logistics for Keely’s Campers easier. 


  • If driving please check in at 4pm.
  • If flying please arrange flights to arrive into Portland International Airport (PDX) between 9am and 2pm.
  • ***Because of the large flight time windows your daughter may be waiting for several hours for an appropriate number of campers to fill a van*** For example: If your daughter lands at 10am she may have to wait for her airport group until 12pm. We do our best to accommodate every athlete equally.
  • We will have coaches waiting for the girls at baggage claim #2.

Where do you stay?

  • Sessions 1-3 are staying at the Big Bear Cabin and Little Bear Cabins.
    Address: 30100 E Blossom Trail, Government Camp, OR 97028 or click here.
  • Sessions 4 and 5 are staying at the Mazama Lodge.
    Directions: Drive 26 east to Government Camp. At the summit at the east end of Government Camp, turn left up toward Timberline Lodge. After about 200 yards, take a sharp left.  Proceed about 200 yards more, and take a right. This is West Leg Road. Go up West Leg Road about 300 yards, and take the first right to the Lodge. Click here for the map.


Arrival Days 2018

Session 1 – June 24th –Big Bear and Little Bear Cabin

Session 2 – July 1st – Big Bear and Little Bear Cabins

Session 3 – July 8th – Big Bear and Little Bear Cabins

Session 4 – July 20th – Mazama Lodge

Session 5 – July 26th – Mazama Lodge



  • If driving please pick up at 11am.
  • If flying please arrange flights to depart Portland International Airport (PDX) between 9am and 2pm. 

Departure Days 2018

Session 1 – July 1st – Big Bear and Little Bear Cabins

Session 2 – July 8th – Big Bear and Little Bear Cabins

Session 3 – July 15th – Big Bear and Little Bear Cabins

Session 4 – July 26th – Mazama Lodge

Session 5 – July 31st – Mazama Lodge


***Please note airport windows are different for this day, please schedule flights no earlier than 2pm and no later than 6pm. We ski on this last day.***

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Ski Racing Camp FAQs:

How do you handle food allergies?

We do the best we can to accommodate food allergies at camp. Keely’s Mom and amazing camp cook, does an incredible job helping the girls with specific dietary needs. However, if there are certain foods a camper needs we suggest they pack snacks and/or alternative foods. Please communicate with us before camp about food allergies on your medical release forms.

What should I pack?

A detailed packing list is provided upon registration.

How do I tune my skis at camp?

We provide tuning benches. Please bring your tuning equipment. Also, our coaches are available to help tune skis if you are new to it. We also have a tuning class at camp to help you learn to tune your own skis.

I just started ski racing, am I ready for your ski racing camp?

Usually, we require at least a year of ski racing experience to handle Mt. Hood’s terrain. You can email to inquire about your ability and/or send video of your skiing to us!

How much extra spending money should my daughter bring?

There are quite a few ski and souvenir shops in Government Camp. If your daughter needs new ski gear or just wants to send a postcard home there are plenty of places for her to shop around. We would suggest $50-$100.

Can I visit my daughter while she is at camp?

Please do! Swing by and check out the scene at the cabin or lodge. You can also purchase a lift ticket to ski Mt. Hood and visit us on our training lane. Please be respectful of our schedule when visiting. We recommend lunch or dinner time.

My daughter has never been to a sleep away camp. How do you handle homesickness?

Because we have 24 hour supervision of the girls please know we are there to support them through their skiing and daily activities. From our experience, homesickness often lasts the first two nights of camp and significantly improves by the third night. By the third night the girls usually are more comfortable with sleeping away from home and the bonding process begins. It is common to be homesick; however, we have noticed that multiple on and off visits by parents often make homesickness worse and take away from the experience your daughter will have working through it on her own and making new friends.

Where can parents stay in Mt. Hood?

We stay in Government Camp which is the main town near Mt. Hood. It is a short 15-20 minute drive from Govy to the mountain. If you are interested in staying in the beautiful Mt. Hood area during the week while your daughter is with us, there are a few great options:

Timberline Lodge

The Huckleberry Inn (make sure you have one of their famous ‘Huck Shakes’!)

Mazama Lodge


Will there be opportunities to demo skis at camp?

Keely’s Camp provides a full demo fleet of slalom and gs skis for the summer by Blizzard. There are also opportunities in Govy during June and July to demo skis with a variety of different ski companies.

Do you celebrate birthdays at camp?

If your daughter has a birthday, Mom loves to bake so please let us know ahead of time and we can plan a birthday celebration!

What kinds of afternoon activities do you do at camp?

Following lunch and video are afternoon activities including: yoga, hikes, ultimate frisbee, kickball, core work, stretching, running, soccer, capture the flag and innovative U.S. Ski Team workout techniques.

Will there be any video analysis?

Following lunch, video from the day of training is provided for each group.

Can my daughter be put in a room with her friends?

The Mazama lodge has one large bunk room that fits every camper. The Big Bear and Little Bear Cabins have a few separate rooms. We do our best to accommodate rooming requests, however please remember you came here to meet new friends!